The Blockchain Records Preservation Association is dedicated to educating elected officials on how blockchain technology can revolutionize how government records are stored, especially in the land records space. If government gains itself a seat at the table, it can help shape this future-state technology to ensure that it leads to more accurate and trustworthy records, all done in a way that saves taxpayers and property-purchasers money. Our vision is a win-win for those who develop and program distributed ledger databases, the government offices that would use them, and the public, which relies on their services.


  • Blockchain can eliminate private middlemen who bring no value
  • Distributed ledgers can allow more robust partnership between government and the private sector
  • This technology needs government in certain spaces, like real estate
  • Certain inherent attributes of the blockchain can revolutionize the way government keeps records
  • Government must be a part of the blockchain conversation
  • Educating government decisionmakers is the best way to change the conversation